Cyclotech Prodisc Metal for Shimano XT - XTR BR-M 965

Item No.: CYCL069

Cyclotech Prodisc Metal, Sintered

No consessions, even when conditions are extremely demanding. The Cyclotech metal series bring durability and optimal heat resistance properties. 

The copper sintered compound is extremely heat resistant bringing fading to an absolute end. Making this compound excellent for downhill and gravity riders. Heat treathment of the sintered material makes sure this compound is wet and mud proof resulting in very 
low pad wear rates.


- Shimano BR-S500 Alfine

- Shimano BR-S501 Alfine

- Shimano BR-M535

- Shimano Deore BR-M545

- Shimano BR-M585

- Shimano Deore LX BR-M595

- Shimano Deore BR-M596

- Shimano Deore BR-M601

- Shimano Hone BR-T605

- Shimano BR-M665 SLX

- Shimano BR-T665 Deore LX

- Shimano BR-M765 Deore XT

- Shimano BR-M775 Deore XT

- Shimano BR-M776 Deore XT

- Shimano BR-M800 Saint

- Shimano BR-M965 XTR

- Shimano BR-M966 XTR

- Shimano BR-M975 XTR

- TRP Dash

- Zoom DB 280

- Zoom DB 320

- Zoom DB 325

- Zoom HB 875

- Alhonga HJ-OD03

- Apse Artek ADC-DB01

- Apse Artek ADC-SLP

- Apse Artek ADC-Elite

- Apse Artek ADC-IE

- Apse Artek ADC-R01

- Apse Artek ADC-07

- Clarks HDB-540

- Clarks HDB-600

- Clarks HDB-790

- Promax Solve

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